Tulle Skirt – à la Carrie Bradshaw

Dezember 17, 2014

Hey Guys! I know it’s already December and this Tulle-Skirt-Look isn’t quite appropriate (as far as you’re not living in LA). But I still wanted to share it with you guys because sometimes I just love getting out of the „normal defiance“ and brighten up those dark and cloudy winter days. At least virtual.

So, there is a little story behind this lovely tulle skirt. As I was looking for a perfect tulle skirt on the internet a few months ago, I’m telling you, I could find nothing! No joke! They were all either too short, not fluffy enough, or had the wrong color. So, what’s left to do for a fashionista to get what she wants? Exactly! Do It Yourself! I went to a drapery shop, got some tulle and made my own tulle skirt the way I wanted it. Okay, to be honest, I got a lot of help from my mom.. Anyway, in the end I had my perfect tulle skirt! I think that’s why I love it even more – because I’ve put all my effort into it and it turned out so well.

I think we would appreciate all the things that happen in our lives even more, if we put more effort into everything we do and stop doing most of them halfhearted. And I’m not saying we all should start making our own clothing now. I just think we would love and appreciate things – and the results – even more if we make them with great passion. It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a tulle skirt, a job or maybe even blogging. Fact is – you won’t succeed until you put all your effort into something you’re passionate about!

But enough with those worldly wisdoms! Let’s enjoy these pictures and reminisce about those happy and warm summer days of the year gone by…

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  • Reply muffinsandheels Januar 6, 2015 at 23:11

    Vielen lieben Dank! Solche lieben Worte freuen mich immer zu hören 🙂 Ich kann es auch kaum abwarten, bis die Tage wieder wärmer und länger werden 🙂
    Hoffe du hattest einen wundervollen Tag!
    Liebste Grüße!

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