All white dress x sneaker

August 24, 2016


Quick update. Since my little brother is getting his very first apartment, we’re super busy with helping him renovating his new place. Ugh, almost forgot how exhausting this can be..
But I reeeaally wanted to share this look with you guys, it’s one of my favorites! I bought this dress at Zara two years ago and I think I’ve worn it only once! Isn’t it funny how Continue Reading


Denim Dress Meets Sneaker

Juni 9, 2016




Hey everyone! Life’s really crazy right now, let me tell you this. Some of you already know that I’m super busy with writing my bachelor thesis which has to be finished mid July! Aaaaaah! Also, we had tons of exams, so I’m totally freakin‘ out! Anyways, I wanted to share this outfit with you guys so bad, I couldn’t resist.

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Freaky Fashion Festival Hanover // OOTD

Mai 24, 2016



Hey there! As you might have seen on my Instagram feed, I went to the Freaky Fashion Festival in Hanover on Saturday, where many different designer presented their fashion pieces. It was the first Fashion Festival in Hanover and I was quite curious, so I had to go. Continue Reading


Blogger Of The Month – April

Mai 12, 2016

Caroline // Madmoisell


Meet Caroline, Madmoisell

I know, I’m a bit late for the „Blogger Of The Month – April“ but guys, let me tell you something, exams have been driving me nuts. And I’m still not done yet. I still have a few exams and papers left and also I have my bachelor thesis… Gosh, vacation is so much needed right now.. Continue Reading