How to take Mother’s Day to the next level: The No-Gift-Guide

Mai 10, 2017


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I’m sure many of us are already freaking out. Is it just me or is it super hard to find the „perfect“ mother’s day gift? What is even „perfect“? Do I give her flowers and chocolate? But that’s so cliché and I am definitely not a cliché person!
As to many of us, my mom is the most important person in my life and I always try to do my best to make her feel loved and needed (I know, sometimes it can get tough but seriously – moms do know better, right?!). So like every year, I started to think about how I can make this day special for her so that she’ll always remember it. Well, I know some of you might think „Why do we need a specific day where we show our love to our moms with gifts? We shouldn’t be doing this just because it’s Mother’s Day“. And you know what, I agree. We should not just wait for Mother’s Day to come around to finally show our Mom’s how much we love them, and how much we care about them. But – do you do that? I’m sure most of us will answer the question with no because let’s be honest, we all get busy from time to time where we forget to show love to our beloved ones, where we’re stressed out, where we get mad easily..  That’s normal. That’s life.. So I guess having a day that helps reminding us what’s really important in life isn’t too bad.
Is it for commercial uses? Of course it is. But I want to remind you that Mother’s Day is not about the gifts. Our mom’s already have everything. They don’t care about that stuff. But you know what they really care about?
As we grow up, we start spending less time with them; other things like work become a higher priority. Because, it’s mom, she knows that I love her, right?

Today’s post is not going to be a typical „Mother’s Day Gift Ideas“ – post. Today, I want to remind you that your time is the greatest gift to your mom. It’s all she wants.
I gathered a few ideas for you how to spend Mother’s Day – without all that gift hunting.. All you’ll need is: time.

Outdoor Dinner



How about a dinner? Outdoor. I absolutely looove this idea (and I think I’m gonna go for this one this year, but psssst)! Dinner in the woods – this one is definitely special! All you need is a table, chairs or benches, chain of lights (please don’t use candles since this can get very dangerous), some decor and food & drinks.
Set up the table and the chairs, hang the chain of lights on the trees (you will need a power generator which you can borrow from the hardware store) and decorate the table with flowers for example. Don’t make it too complicated with the food. You’ll have to carry it to the woods and if it’s hot, it will probably be cold by the time everyone arrives. Antipasti, tapas and dessert are a great option. Voilá – a memorable evening is created!


Movie Night



The weather is bad or the forest just isn’t yours? How about a picnic at home while watching your mom’s favorite movies? This one’s a great option to the first idea and a little easier since you don’t have long ways. You can even go crazy with the food if you like! All you need are some blankets and lots of pillows (to make it reeaallyy cozy), a low table, some decor, movies and of course: food. You can also hang chains of lights or set up candles if you like.


Spa Visit


This one’s a little more exclusive but it’s also a great way to spend time with your mom. You can get a long massage, a manicure, pedicure or a hair treatment and have a nice talk. Have a few cocktails or healthy smoothies – it doesn’t matter and afterwards both of you will feel super relaxed and happy! Can it get any better?


Sightseeing Trip


Alright, none of the above mentioned ideas suit your mom because she’s more of an active person? How about a short sightseeing trip? You don’t have to think big (not this time), it doesn’t have to be too far away. It can be a near place that she hasn’t discovered yet. And if you want to go to another country but think it’s too short dated: you can still book the trip and give her the tickets on Mother’s Day! 😉


Quality time


Of course all the ideas mentioned above require some planning and preparation. And Mother’s Day is just around the corner so you might not have the time to prepare everything. No big deal, there are plenty of other options. If she’s an active person, maybe you can go hiking or do a bike tour? Or maybe she just would like to spend time with you and do nothing, so you can take her to a nice café – have some coffee and one of those long, deep talks..
You see, there are lots of activities you can go for. Just think about what your mom likes and you’re all set!

I hope you all have a memorable Mother’s Day and please let me know if you’ve done any of the ideas above and how it went!

Lots of Love,
– Kate

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