How To: Curly Hair With A Straightener

März 27, 2016


Hey guys! We all know there are tons of hair tutorials out there showing you how to achieve THE perfect curls – big curls, loose curls, waves… tons! But I bet you haven’t seen this trick before!
Check out how I did my hair in this tutorial! ↓

Lots of Love,
– Kate


1. All you need is heatprotection, a straightener and – a pencil! Yes, that’s right, a pencil!fashionblogger_germanblogger_united_wear_kate_schmidt_hannover

2. Seperate your hair into two sections, bottom layer and top layer. Don’t forget to use heat protection to protect your hair from heat damage.fashionblogger_germanblogger_united_wear_kate_schmidt_hannover

3. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the pencil. I started very close to my head because I like to have lots of volume.fashionblogger_germanblogger_united_wear_kate_schmidt_hannover

4. Hold the section of hair and the pencil with one hand and use your straightener to achieve those curls.fashionblogger_germanblogger_united_wear_kate_schmidt_hannover

5. Slowly pull out the pencil – and voilà! Repeat step 3 and 4 until you’ve curled all your hair. Go through your hair with your fingers to loosen the curls and you’re ready to go!fashionblogger_germanblogger_united_wear_kate_schmidt_hannoverfashionblogger_germanblogger_united_wear_kate_schmidt_hannover

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