Good to know: When traveling to Indonesia

April 19, 2017


I’m sure you guys have already seen on Instagram that I’ve been traveling to Indonesia and had THE time of my life! It was the most amazing trip ever and now that I’m back home, it kinda feels surreal. Did all of this actually happen? Did I really fly over 11.000 km to a country I didn’t know much about and spend 24 h/day with people I hardly knew? Did I really have a monkey sitting on my shoulder, eating a banana? And – did I really bury my face in another women’s boobs??  Continue Reading



Februar 1, 2017


I know it’s been very quite around here lately.. but I really didn’t feel like being able to blog or do anything at all. The last couple of months have been the hardest for me and even getting up and getting dressed felt nearly impossible to master. Continue Reading


United Wear X Antenne Niedersachsen

Dezember 12, 2016


Antenne Niedersachsen hilft – Helft zu Helfen!

Wie ihr vielleicht bei meinem Instagram Post vor ein paar Tagen gesehen habt, bin ich was Spendenaktionen angeht, gerne vorne mit dabei. In der heutigen Zeit sind wir viel zu sehr von Egoismus und Ignoranz geprägt, dass wir einen Teil unserer Menschlichkeit verlieren. Wir stehen
Continue Reading


All white dress x sneaker

August 24, 2016


Quick update. Since my little brother is getting his very first apartment, we’re super busy with helping him renovating his new place. Ugh, almost forgot how exhausting this can be..
But I reeeaally wanted to share this look with you guys, it’s one of my favorites! I bought this dress at Zara two years ago and I think I’ve worn it only once! Isn’t it funny how Continue Reading